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Don’t Cheap Out on a Powerbank

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

No one wants their phone to die especially when they need it most, so having a cheap powerbank isn’t much better than having no powerbank at all. There’s no shortage of budget back-up charging solutions out there for phones and tablets, but don’t be tempted. An unreliable or inconvenient product isn’t worth any price tag. If you put in the extra money to buy a high-quality powerbank, you can rest assured that your device will be in good hands.

Features of a Great Powerbank

First and foremost, great powerbanks needs to keep your devices safe. Some cheap powerbanks use refurbished batteries, and they often neglect basic safety features like short circuit and overcharge protection. If you consistently use a product like this, you could end up damaging your phone or tablet. No matter how inexpensive a powerbank is, it’s certainly not worth repairing or buying a new smartphone.

Next up is convenience. The reason powerbanks have made their way into so many people’s cars, bags, pockets, and purses are because they always come in handy. Sometimes you start heading to work only to realize that you forgot to charge your phone last night – other times, you’re desperately hoping that your phone’s battery will last through an urgent conference call. No matter what’s going on, a high-quality powerbank can give you the charge you need, exactly when you need it.

Cheap powerbanks, however, won’t hold a charge quite as long, and since they have a smaller charging capacity, you won’t get as much power out of them. This also means they won’t be as effective while charging multiple devices (if they have room for a second USB port at all).

These are all the more reason to stick with a high-quality powerbank from FuelBox like the Ultimate Charging Solution, also known as the Dock + boostPack. This charging system has a portable powerbank and a docking station to magnetically recharge it. The Dock plugs right into an outlet and includes two hidden charging cables (one Apple Lightning and one Micro-USB), a USB port, and a spot to rest your phone or recharge the boostPack. The boostPack is an insanely convenient portable powerbank that holds 25+ hours of power (has a 6,700 mAh battery). It also has two hidden charging cables so you can charge multiple devices, and a built-in USB so you can power it up from your laptop while traveling. It’s the perfect powerbank at a competitive price!

In addition to the Ultimate Charging Solution, we also have new products that support Qi wireless charging like the FuelBox Rover and FuelBox Survivor Pack. The Rover is an elegant powerbank that provides 40+ hours of power and includes two USB ports for wired devices. The FuelBox Survivor Pack is a solar-powered, waterproof and shockproof portable powerbank that features both wireless and several wired charging outputs for phones and tablets. It comes with a powerful built-in flashlight and is specifically designed for harsh conditions such as natural disasters, long expeditions, military operations, camping or hiking, etc. Packed with a 20,000 mAh battery, the Survivor Pack is the most reliable solution for critical situations.

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"FuelBox powerbank saves the lives of four people stranded in a boat off the coast of Nicaragua." – Read More

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