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How Powerbanks can Supercharge Your Business in 2019

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Modern businesses rely entirely on technology, so it’s important to keep your company’s electronics powered up and ready to go. Whether your employees work in the office or spend their time traveling offsite, supplying them with high-quality powerbanks will ensure that their phone and tablet batteries never fall to 0%  – even if there aren’t any outlets nearby.

How Powerbanks can Boost Your Business

A dead phone can seriously hinder your employees’ productivity. It’s hard to get work done when you have to scour the office or airport for open outlets. Employees of the 21st century need their phones to find leads, finish projects, collaborate with coworkers, and close deals, so it’s crucial that their devices stay as energized as they are.

Giving your employees a FuelBox powerbank is the perfect way to do this. With our Ultimate Charging Solutions, your employees will never have to worry about charge levels, hogging outlets, managing messy wires, or looking for open outlets while away from the office again.

We have tremendous products options for all Samsung devices released since 2017, iPhone 8 and newer Apple phones that support Qi wireless charging. Our FuelBox Rover provides 40+ hours of power through its wireless charging surface, and it includes two USB ports for devices that use charging cables. Better yet, our wireless energy receivers can let your employees enjoy hands-free charging even if their devices don’t support Qi wireless charging. All-in-all, it’s a powerful, convenient, productivity-boosting addition to any office!

Powerbanks make it easy for your employees to charge their devices in the office and on the go. Whether you need wired or wireless charging options, FuelBox has you covered and our cutting-edge products will keep your employees connected when it matters most!

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